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Post Transplant Care

Receiving a kidney transplant is often a very exciting but stressful time for many patients. We along with your transplant center work together to ensure that you have long term success with your transplant.

Receiving Post Transplant Care 


After receiving a transplant, patients require medications to prevent rejection for their transplanted organ. Rejection is a complication that can occur anytime post-transplant where your body will think this new tissue is “foreign” and will try to protect you by “attacking” it. We help to manage these anti-rejection medications, control blood pressure, and ensure that your new transplanted kidney is well cared for.

Infections are also common in those who have a transplanted kidney as the anti-rejection medicines that help keep your body from rejecting your transplanted kidney also can lower your immune system. We also help prevent and treat possible infections and other complications that could potentially occur after a kidney transplant. It is very important for anyone who has had ever had a kidney transplant to follow lifelong with a nephrologist.


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